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Need Help With Your Insurance Company?

California law, provides you with the right to choose any glass replacement facility you decide to use. Most insurance companies use "3rd party administrators" to set up your glass claim. They are very aggressive in "Steering" you to a glass shop of their choice. This is illegal in California, but they do it anyway. These companies are Safelite Solutions, Harmons Solutions, Lynx Services and Allstar.  By allowing us to initiate a 3 way call to these companies, we can spare you from the harassment they create. Since we're on the line with you, they know they can't force you into submitting to "their" shop.

Our goal is to waive as much of your comprehensive deductible as possible. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible on chip repairs.

Call us with your policy number and the day the damage occured and we can do a 3 way call.

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